Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Classroom Organization: Cubbies

This year, instead of tubs and bins for student materials I have cubbies.  I am super grateful that these were left in the classroom I moved into.  They have provided a place for students to keep their individual tools and materials.  However, I am scared to know what my students' rooms look like based on how messy their cubbies are.
I decided I needed an incentive so enter, The Cubby Fairy.  She drops in when no one is around and checks the status of our classroom cubbies.  If she likes what she sees, she walks into the cubby, leaves some fairy dust behind, and drops a note off.  The note indicates that the student did an awesome job keeping their cubby organized and can head to the prize drawers.
This has been a game changer.  Now I have kiddos taking the time to organize there space.  I have had a decrease in students complaining because they can't find something or they don't know where a particular paper should go.  They have taken ownership and I LOVE it.  You can grab this Cubby Fairy Letter or a more generic one, in case you don't have prize drawers, here.

What game-changing classroom organization tips do you have?  Leave a comment below and let me know.
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