Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Recipe And A Read Aloud Linky: February 2017

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I am keeping it real with this month's Recipe & A Read Aloud.  I feel like I aways keep it real, but right now I am EXTRA real.  Life has been BANANAS (I just sang the Gwen Stefani song to check the spelling of that)!  
I love to cook, or at least of used to love to cook.  I still make dinner every night, but I am not trying new recipes like I once did.  Being a parent and working full time in no laughing matter.  I am exhausted when I come home, but a healthy meal is a must.  I am one to whip up some veggie-meat concoction and call it good, so I have no fancy recipe for you.  *Side note:  I am not looking for fancy recipes.*  However, there is a recipe on repeat, in our house, right now, and the fact that little man can help make it is key!
I love that he wants to help in the kitchen, I think that it is so important that he sees that man or woman you have a space in the kitchen.  I HATE gender bias and I don't want them in my son's world.  So, enough with my soapbox rant, this is our favorite recipe right now and goodness they are YUMMY!
Gluten/Dairy Free Muffins
They are straight from Bob!  If you haven't used any of Bob's Red Mill product line, I recommend you get on it.  They are based here, in Oregon, and they are AMAZING!  
This GF muffin mix is so good and by using almond milk and canola oil it is easily dairy free.  We always add some berries or ripe bananas.
 I never know how much fruit actually makes it into the batter.  This kiddo loves to help by eating all the ingredients before they make it into the oven.
As you can see, they barely make it out of the muffin pan without one disappearing.

My Read Aloud So my read aloud fits with this idea of a world free of gender bias.  It is Violet the Pilot, by Steve Breen.  It is a fabulous story of a little girl that loves to tinker and build.  Everyone thinks she is "weird" because of this, but it doesn't bother her.  She sets out to build a flying machine to be a part of the air show, but never makes it because she just so happens to save a bunch of lives instead.  This story is all about growth mindset and proves that girls are POWER HOUSES!

If you don't own this book yet, grab it, love it, and share it!  It is a story everyone needs in their live. 

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  1. Love this book...and Bob's! The Bob's Red Mill store is only about 10 minutes from my house.

    1. I am so happy to know that someone else has discovered this amazing book! I am so jealous that you are that close to Bob's. We plan on making a family adventure there soon!

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