Monday, January 23, 2017

Wacky Links: A Maker Space MUST!

I could not have been more excited to see this box on my front porch!!!
You guys, my students and I have gone WACKY for Wacky Links!  These DIY kits are the perfect addition to any maker-space, STEM bin, art extension, or for just plain play.
Wacky Links encourage kids to use their imagination and explore their creative side.  What parent and teacher doesn't want more of that in every child's life?!?!  The DIY kits provide open ended fun for every kiddo!
The kits are comprised of colorful tubes that you can cut, bend, and connect to an assortment of pronged charms.  The tubes are way more durable that I was expecting.  They are designed to create a bit of suction onto the prongs making it like a Chinese Finger Trap.  This is perfect so your kiddos don't have to worry about their creations falling apart.
My students loved diving into the kits and watching some of the Wacky Links YouTube videos for inspiration.
I let them play and explore and then gave them the task of creating a guitar with the Rock n' Roll Kit.  They definitely struggled at first, but that was the fun of it.   The conversations and problem solving that took place were a teacher's dream!
These have become a staple during our morning STEM bins, early finisher time, and Friday STEM builds.

You can find Wacky Links in specialty toy stores, on Amazon, and  Lucky for you, I am gifting one of my readers two sets.  To enter, comment below with your answer to the following question, don't forget to include your email address:
Why is creative play important for ALL children?

**One random winner will be chosen on Saturday, January 28, 2017, at 12:00pm PST.  The winner will be notified by email and announced here.  CONGRATULATIONS, Sara!  I sent you an email with all the details.  If you didn't win, don't fret!  You can grab Wacky Links at the links I listed above. **

Have you tried Wacky Links?  I would love to hear from you; comment below.


  1. These look so awesome! They would be perfect for my Fun Friday free-centers!
    Creative play helps all children express themselves freely. It doesn't matter if they are good readers or don't speak English - they can all use creativity in fun and interesting ways to show what they know and how they feel. Creative play let's them be themselves!

  2. Creative play gives kids an opportunity to try out new ideas, explore, take risks, communicate, and fail forward in a safe, loving environment... which will, in turn, give them the confidence to transfer those same skills to a potentially more rigorous, academic environment. Make time, its worth it!

  3. Kids NEED creative play to figure out the world for themselves. They need to have to time to think outside the box, take risks and to experiment. These look great!

  4. I'm not sure who would love these more, my students or my kiddo...I'm betting my kiddo! Thanks for sharing!

  5. My first grade team has already implemented "Table Tubs", where the kids get to engage in creative play (most) every morning when they get to school. It gives them an opportunity to talk, share, collaborate, and BE KIDS!!!! It helps kids see their potential and get them tuned in to their growth mindset with "I can" do this! Thanks for sharing this product, Marcy, it looks like SO much fun!!!