Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Sanity Saver: Snowed-In With A Toddler

The weather here has been absolutely NUTS!  Being that I grew up in Michigan, it still drives me crazy that Portland hasn't gotten their act together and learned that rock salt and snow plows are a must this time of year.
Either way, I have loved this time with little man.  He has developed into such a creative, funny guy and I love witnessing his learning.
Unfortunately, we couldn't get out and do much exploring, we hit record low temperatures, so we made use of some items from the craft closet, or as my husband calls it the "crap closet".
These activities kept this 18 month old happy, engaged, and in one place for more than 5 minutes.  That my friends is amazing!

Pom-Poms, plastic IKEA bowls, and tongs were perfect for sorting and practicing colors.  The fine motor practice was incredible.
We reused a milk container and added colorful paperclips and cut up pipe cleaners.  Little man used a magnet to move all of the pieces around.  He loved trying to move them from one side of the container to another.
 The pom poms got another go with a piece of pool noodle.  Little man stuck each one in the center of the noodle and then I blew them out.  He couldn't get enough of the pom poms flying all over the living room and then setting it up to do it again.
 We have been having a great time with colors lately.  He is starting to recognize more colors and is very interested in learning the names of each color.  We used these interactive steps to practice a different way.
We also have spent a ton of time playing with his felt board.  Check out my DIY post here.

What are your go-to activities for an active toddler?  I would love to add more to my "bag of tricks"!  Here's to hoping the snow melts sooner rather than later.

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