Friday, January 20, 2017


Seriously, if one more student goes home with a fever or because they have thrown up in my classroom I am going to loose it!  I love teaching, but I loathe the germs.  I joke sometimes that I get sneezed on for a living.  All jokes aside, I read this interesting write up and I am hoping it is TRUE!!
Apparently grape juice has super powers I was not aware of.
Real grape juice, none of that sugar added, watered down stuff, has the ability to alter the pH in your intestinal track.  By creating a more alkaline environment the virus is not supposed to be able to multiply in the intestines.  Plus, grapes are high in vitamin C, which we know is great for immunity.
Fingers crossed grape juice is as magical as the science behind it says because we have no room for a stomach bug in our house.

What do you do to keep your immunity up?  Do you have a special remedy for avoiding monster germs?

**I am not a doctor!  This post is my own opinion.  If you have a medical question your doctor would be the one to answer it.**

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