Sunday, January 8, 2017

DIY Teacher Mama: Felt Board

Keeping an 18 month old actively engaged without batteries and lights can be an interesting challenge now-a-days.  As an educator, I want to expose my own child to the language I know he needs to be successful.  As a mom, I want to see my little boy having fun and being creative.  Well, you know me, I searched for both and I found it...

Felt Board Fun!  

Plus, I found another awesome use for all of my clipart.

Here is what you need:
To create the board just spray the adhesive on the poster board and cover with felt.
Obviously, you will need a printer and an iron, but that should be a given. 
The fun part is picking out all of the images.  My son LOVES Sesame Street and DinoTrux so I did an image search and found some great ones.  He also loves animals, so I went through my clip art and added some of his favorite animals to the list.  
The most important thing to remember is to reverse the image so that when you iron it on everything is spelled correctly and is facing the right direction.
Once you get all of the images picked out follow the printing directions on the paper and print your heart out.  Then, all you need to do is iron, peal, and play.
My happy boy with his new characters!
I just need to whip up a second board for my classroom.  I am going to use it for story retells and story starters for my reluctant writers.  It will be the perfect tool for my ELLs to practice their speaking standards.

Happy Creating!!!

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