Sunday, October 9, 2016

Music to Your Ears {Giveaway Time}

I still remember songs that I learned in grade school.  There is one about energy conservation that plays in my head every time I forget to turn off the water while I brush my teeth.  Obviously if I remember a song a gazillion years later it not only made an impact on my learning, but it really got locked in my memory bank.  That is what music does for most learners.  My thoughts are...I need to take full advantage of this learning.  Enter...Flocabulary.  
I was introduced to this amazing resource last year.  You can check out my post here.

This year, we can't get enough of the math videos.  They have been the perfect addition to our math workshop.  Right now, we are working on counting, recognizing numbers, and finding addends.  There is a whole video series that supports these math concepts.  The songs are catchy and are packed with relevant content. 

The only thing better than listening to the songs with my students is catching them singing them together while they work!  Now that is awesome, right?!?!

If you haven't signed up for Flocabulary yet, follow this link to sign up for a free 45 day trial.  Even better than that, 3 of you will win a year's subscription!  You have until October 16, 2016 to enter!!!  Winners will be announced on October 18th, and all trials will be sent out the same week.

I would love to know your favorite Flocabulary songs.  Leave me a comment below.  I am always looking for new ones to listen to with my kiddos. 

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