Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Teacher Style with ULTIMATE Comfort

I am a bit of a clothing nut!  I love clothes and believe that what you wear not only reflects your mood, but can change your outlook on the day.  For a long time, I would wear clothes that I thought were "cute" but they were not always comfortable.  Well that changed the moment I was introduced to LuLaRoe.  LuLaRoe takes comfort and style and crashes them together like a Midwest Thunder Storm!  
About LuLaRoe: ALL LuLaRoe styles are limited. It's unlikely that you're going to see someone with the exact same item that you have. Our designers create hundreds of prints each day. Those prints are then divided among all of the styles LuLaRoe produces. Only about 2,500 pieces are created in a print. Then, those styles are distributed all over the USA. Talk about one-of-a-kind!  LuLaRoe fashions change rapidly so there's always something new to love!
The styles are fabulous and comfortable.  The signature piece is the leggings.  They are without a doubt amazing!  The prints are so fun and they take any dress or tunic to the next level.  If you are looking to try out LuLaRoe click the link to find Myranda Sue's (a fellow teacher) LuLaRoe Boutique.

For those of you that love LuLaRoe and are looking to add to your closet you need to jump on this amazing deal!  Myranda has a Leggings of the Month club that features a VIP discount, free shipping, and well LEGGINGS!

To join just follow these step:
2. Fill out the link on the pinned post.
3. For How did you hear about Leggings of the Month Club? enter Marcy Godesa.

What are your favorite LuLaRoe styles?  I love the Amelia and Sarah, and the leggings of course.

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