Sunday, August 14, 2016

#SundaySanitySaver: Oh, Grocery Shopping!

Have you had a chance to tune into my weekly tips on Periscope?  Every Sunday, I pop on Periscope to give you a tip to try and make your life a little easier.  This week, I shared a way to gain some time, by organizing your meals for the week.  As so many of us know, coming home after a long day and cooking can make a long day even longer.  I have learned that by planning my meals for the week, I can easily get dinner made with little hassle, except for keeping a one year old safely out of the kitchen.
I use this grocery list and meal planner to keep everything organized.  I can add to my list throughout the week, and then on Sunday when I run my errands I am good to go.  I just pop it in my Happy Planner and add to it when I get a couple minutes.
You can grab this grocery and meal template by clicking on the picture or this link.  I hope this saves a little of your sanity this week.  Be sure to hop over to Periscope next Sunday for another #SundaySanitySaver.