Thursday, March 3, 2016

KooKoo for the 100th Day

This year's 100th Day was a hit!  My teammates were total rockstars and agreed to be "KooKoo" with me.  
I LOVE my teammates!!
We spent the day doing all things 100.  It was different than our normal schedule, but all of the kids enjoyed the change of pace.  Take a look at what we accomplished...

Secret codes and crown templates were waiting for each kiddo.

What can you build with 100 cups?

Spin and color 100 race.
What can you build with 100 cubes?

Roll and tally to 100
Build a sentence.

Flip a coin
Our art project was probably my favorite activity...what can you make with 1-0-0?

100 days down, still plenty of learning to go!

What are your favorite 100th Day activities?

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