Thursday, March 17, 2016

Joy Cowley Characters [and a contest]

I am a sucker for great text for my kiddos.  I guess that is one thing that makes me a teacher.  Yet, text that is accessible to my emerging readers is absolutely vital in my classroom.  I absolutely love Joy Cowley's books for this reason.  Her stories are fun, engaging, accessible, and contain adorable characters.

Hairy Bear is one of her endearing characters.  Throughout the Hairy Bear stories, he encounters problems that be must fix.  From a leaky roof to helping sad friends, Hairy Bear uses his problem solving skills to get the job done. 

Another one of Joy's characters is Miniboy.  He and his mouse are extremely adventurous.  According to my students, they are serious risk-takers. Miniboy and Mousie set off each day in the kitchen of the giants.  They have to keep their eyes open for problems they may encounter.  I love how Joy includes action in this character series, and that Miniboy and Mousie return to their home safely at the end of each story.
The Joy Cowley Collection is packed with so many fabulous characters, Miniboy and Hairy Bear are just two of them.
 Right now, you can enter to win her collection packed with over 90 books.
Don't wait this contest is only going on until April 13, 2016.  Click on one of the images above to enter.

Who is your favorite Joy Cowley character?

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