Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mom Life: Product Review

I very quickly realized after giving birth that I would no longer be the SUPER productive person I had always been.  For goodness sake, I couldn't even take a shower without assistance (someone watching little man).  I brainstormed every possible way to accomplish things with a child who wouldn't take decent naps.
The first tool that allowed me to get anything accomplished that the bouncy chair.  He would actually let me strap him in there long enough to take a shower.  This worked great for several months, until he was Mr. I am NEVER sitting still.
I started doing tons of research on alternatives.  I knew I needed something that would keep him in a space and entertained.  The thought of an exersaucer made my head spin.  I was afraid it would be too much stimuli for my little guy.  I also knew I wanted something that would grow with him.  I feel like all we do is buy things to use them for a month and that is it.
So after tons of research and countless trips to Babies R Us, we ended up with the FisherPrice Step n' Play Piano.  It has been an instant hit and the best part is, for now, I can get ready for work in the morning and know that little man is contained in a safe place.  I love that when he starts walking the seat can be removed and the table is a functioning music stand.

It was an instant hit!

It is nice to be able to slide it down the hallway and plop it outside the bathroom door.

I totally recommend this product to any parent searching for a way to contain an active child for a short period of time.  What product do use recommend for keeping your kiddos safe and entertained for a chunk of time?

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