Saturday, February 27, 2016

Mom Life: My Favorite App

As a new parent, I feel like all I do it try and capture every moment.  Therefore, the amount of pictures I take is crazy.  I have learned that having a smartphone is a blessing and a curse.  You can take pictures at any time, but they enter the blackhole of the digital world and you never look at them again.  Yes, some get posted to social media, but we all know that the mass majority never make it out of your digital device, until you need room for more pictures.
I found an end to my digital madness and downloaded the GrooveBook app.  Have you checked it out?!?!   Through this app, I can access my pictures and pick up to 100 pictures each month.

Every month is then beautiful documented and organized!  The pictures are turned into a photo book.  The best part is that the photo books have rip and share paper.  I can pull photos out to send to family members, or I can switch out framed photos.  The BEST BEST part is that these books only cost me $2.99 a month.  I can't ask for a better deal!

If you use my code GODESA10 you can get your first GrooveBook for free.

Happy Picture Taking!!

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