Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Author's Study: Setting Ground Rules

Writers' Workshop may seriously be one of my favorite times of the day.  Even better, my students seem to feel the same way this year.  Just as with any procedure I made sure to set expectations with my students.  We spent time as a whole class and created an anchor chart to document what must happen in order to sign up for Author's Chair.
After students spent time practicing with their peers they did one run with me. Their name was then placed on the sign up.   Once I had about 5 students on the sign up, we took a break from our workshop time to meet on the carpet for each author's reading.
I am so proud of the growth my kiddos have made since I have been back from maternity leave.  They have transitioned to meet my expectations and are kicking butt!  Check out one of the readings that knocked our socks off today

What expectations have you set with your students to make Author's Chair a seamless part of your schedule?

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