Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to School Style Part 1

I know that many of you are already back to school, but for those of us on the west coast we still have a bit more time.  With the first day quickly approaching it is time to put my yoga pants and jogging shorts to the side and pick out my First Day of School outfit.
As teachers, I feel that we are always looking for the following from our clothing:

  • comfort - We are up, down, and all around the place.
  • durability - I need to know that my pants aren't going to fall apart on me as I bend down to work with a student.
  • can be easily cleaned - No one wants to make a trip to the dry cleaners to get out the paint from Friday's art project.
  • stylish - We all want to look FABULOUS!
I have put together some of my favorite Back to School outfit choices to provide some inspiration.
[Linen Pants - Old Navy; Tunic - Paizlee; Long necklace - handmade]
[Pixi Pant - Old Navy; Top - Paizlee; Necklace - ?]
[Pixi Pants - Old Navy; Top - Paizlee; Long necklace - handmade] 
[Black Pants and Tank - Old Navy; Kimono - Paizlee]
[Dress and Jean Jacket - Old Navy; Necklace - Paizlee]

What do you think?  

Be sure to check back for part 2!  I have teamed up with my favorite online boutique Paizlee to bring you some more teacher style ideas and a giveaway!

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