Monday, September 1, 2014

Currently - September

Well my summer vacation is officially over!  I am not sure where it went, but I am super excited to meet my new class tomorrow.  In the spirit of ending and beinginning, I am linking up with the amazing Farley for this month's Currently.

The 3 Trips are 3 places I have never been, but would like to visit one day.  
I am off to tackle my To Do list.  Be sure to check out what everyone else is Currently up to.


  1. Just looking at your "currently" makes me ready and wanting to go back and change mine hahha! I too would LOVE both an endless classroom budget AND to clone myself! Good luck with the start of your school year-it does always seem like that weekend before there are so many things to do but yet the list is so overwhelming that I find myself not knowing where to start! I hope you are able to be productive and get lots done and still able to relax and enjoy your day off (which sounds like an oxymoron!!) Glad I found your blog! Excited to follow along with you in the future!

    Learning to the Core

  2. I love the name of your blog! I think that is something we all are searching for. An endless budget and cloning would make life so much easier and stress free for sure! Have a great week and I hope you are able to get everything done!
    The Blessed Teacher

  3. Good luck to you as you start back this week! We are going towards a balanced calendar so we have already been to school for 3 weeks! Doesn't that seem crazy? I think it does! lol. And if you figure out how to clone yourself, please let me know! I teach at four schools and would love to have four of me :) You three places of travel would be AMAZING! Do you travel internationally a lot? I have only been to Europe once, but would love to go again! My husband has never been out of the states so it would be amazing to give him that experience! I hope you can visit those places in your lifetime! Good luck again! And just think, the kids will LOVE every penny and ounce of hard work you have put into your classroom!

  4. If you find that endless budget, can you share? LOL! It is never ending! And no matter how much you prepare, are you really ever ready for the kiddos? Glad to find another first grade blogger!

  5. I couldn't agree more with all of this!! Got my cup of coffee too, nothing brews liquid energy like a Keurig. I am loving the cooler weather as well (even though it's not TOO cool in Chicago, I wish it was). I have heard that Oregon is absolutely gorgeous, I would love to visit someday :)


  6. OH man, I am with you on the never ending budget for our classrooms!! I was walking around Walmart this afternoon and so wanted to pick up another rug for my classroom!! Plus, think of all the awesome TPT products I could share with my kids!! I hope that your class is super sweet this year!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade