Sunday, August 17, 2014

Setting Up GoNoodle Expectations

I am SOOOOO EXCITED for the first GoNoodle linky!  With one week before I am back to school, and two weeks before my kiddos arrive, my mind is racing with everything I need to get done.  One thing that I keep thinking about is how I am going to launch GoNoodle with my new class.  
I didn't start using GoNoodle until mid year with my last group, and they were already familiar with Brain Breaks, just not the amazing, fun, interactive, digital kind.  However, the excitement of Maximo, Koo Koo Kangaroo, and Airtime adventures made it easy grab my students' attention.  With their excitement in the palm of my hand there was still one more thing that had to take place...introducing GoNoodle Expectations.  These expectations allowed for quick and easy transitions, positive Dojo Points and an overall happy brain break.
I know that starting off with GoNoodle Expectations will be my first step this year.  The poster above serves as an easy checklist and reminder.  You can grab a copy of this poster by clicking on the image or here.
Students are assigned a GoNoodle spot for a couple of reasons.  This allows for quick transitions before and after brain breaks. These assigned spots also eliminate the need for students to stand way to close to each other, or side-by-side with their best buddy.
Teaching students to focus on them self gets the kiddos using each GoNoodle brain break correctly.  If students are worried about looking silly in front of their peers they are never going to experience the benefits of Wiggle It or Empire State.  By only worrying about their own actions they can reap the true benefits of GoNoodle.
The last two expectations are self explanatory, I hope anyway.
Once our expectations are in order, we will be GoNoodling up a storm.  Be sure to follow my blog for the latest on GoNoodle fun throughout the year.

What are your GoNoodle Expectations?  

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