Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Crafts - Book Beads

If you saw my Instagram post this past weekend you know that I am SOOOOO excited about this project!  Let's not waste any time....


I was a little taken aback at how easy there were to make, but after seeing Tara's post and ideas all over Pinterest I had to give them a try.

Supplies: scissors, ModPodge, a pencil, metal dowel, a ruler, paintbrush, and paper (I used pages from a book and teacher catalogues)

Use a ruler to draw 1/2 inch wide columns on the paper that you will be using.
Once you have the columns, draw a diagonal line in each column, this is what you will be cutting on.
Cut along the diagonal to get pieces that resemble the above picture.
Dab a bit of ModPodge onto the inside of a piece of cut paper.  Then, place the dowel below the space with ModPodge, similar to what you see above.
Begin rolling the paper wide end to skinny end.  Apply a dab of ModPodge at the end and gently pull the bead off of the dowel.
Place the beads on wax paper to dry.

Once the beads have dried string them onto the jewelry material of your choice.  I used an elastic thread.  
I love how colorful the teacher catalogue beads turned out.  They look so great next to the chapter book beads.  
I plan on teaching our Green Team how to make these adorable beads out of recycled paper from around the school.

Happy Creating!!!

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  1. I love this! It is so neat. I am going to have to try this project! Thanks. :)