Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Dojo of NoOdles

For the last several years, I have used ClassDojo in my classroom.  It started as a way for me to monitor and track classroom behaviors, but it has transformed into my data collection, parent communication, stick pulling, an incentive tool, all around a handy dandy everything.  Being that my iPad is glued to my side, in my classroom, documenting behaviors has been easy.  However, when GoNoOdle entered my life and my classroom I knew I needed some way to bridge it into my ClassDojo world...

ENTER....GoNoOdle points!
I of course had to use the dino icon for the positive points, being that DinoStomp is the greatest thing ever!!!

Every once in a while, I have a kiddo who stands there during a brain break and doesn't participate.  I fully understand that everyone does things in their own time, but ClassDojo allows me to document these moments.  This data allows me to communicate behaviors with parents and check for patterns in the student's behavior.
Speaking of communicating with parents, did you know that you can send messages through ClassDojo?  You can send out whole class or student specific messages.

You can also add comments to behaviors that students earn.
That is my comment down there on the bottom!

I also use ClassDojo to pick students to choose the GoNoOdle break that we will do.  ClassDojo has a random button that does what it says, it picks a random student.  It makes choosing brain breaks, calling on students, as easy a clicking a button.

I love being able to use these two tools together.

If you haven't signed up for ClassDojo or GoNoOdle yet do it now!  They are both free tools that have the ability to transform your classroom?

How do you use these tools?


  1. I love Class Dojo and Go Noodle. I used Class dojo the year before last and LOVED it!! This past year our school made us all go to a points system on a clipboard. We could not have public points. I was so bummed that I couldn't use it anymore, because it worked so well! I'm still hoping things will change one day :). We were introduced to Go Noodle by our 1st grade team this year and my kids loved it. It was such a great behavior incentive and quick break for my Kindergarten students.

    1. Kayla that is such a bummer; I hope that changes for you. I used ClassDojo for almost 2 years just for my own data. I appreciate how it allows me to see trends in students' behaviors.


  2. I just introduced my colleagues to GoNoodle (we used to just reference YouTube), but a few of us have been using ClassDojo this past year and both rock! My Kindergarteners had a little trouble adjusting to GoNoodle, but I am confident my 2nd graders will pick it up this year. Thanks for sharing!
    Windows Into My Classroom

    1. Kate, I can't wait to hear how your 2nd graders do with it.