Wednesday, May 28, 2014

PYP Part 4 - Applying What We Learned

Once students had read, experimented, discussed, watched, listened, and created it was time to apply.  The final piece of our How the World Works unit was for students to create their own nonfiction penguin book.  My team and I used Matt Glover's writing approach for book creation with the help of several TPT products (image links will take you to the products).
Students began the process by reading and discussing many different penguin books.  Throughout their reading and being read to, they completed a Penguin A-Z book and an All About Penguin book.

Once students had read, recorded, and conferenced they used their new resources to write their own All About ____ Penguin Book.

The final books were magnificent.  Students used several nonfiction text features throughout their books, as well as the knowledge they gained throughout the unit.  Overall, I am very happy with the final products of our first PYP unit.

Check out some of the other penguin fun we had during our unit:
My student made shape penguins.  They turned out so cute and were the perfect way to kick off our shape unit in math.

I created these life size examples of the little blue and emperor penguins to give the students the realia they needed to make connections.

Students also worked together to compare their height to that of the little blue and emperor penguin.  I love when they work together and discuss their learning!!

Happy Learning!


  1. What great work you did on penguins. My class loved learning about them but I didn't do anything nearly as exciting as you seem to have done. The shape penguins are very sweet and making life sized penguins was a great idea. I'll remember them for next year. Thanks!
    Growing Little Learners

    1. Thanks! My kiddos really rocked this unit! I was so proud of them.