Friday, May 16, 2014

GoNoOdle Goals - Making Cross-Curricular Connections

I truly believe in cross-curricular connections.  In my mind, education and learning need to be real and not cut-and-dry.  I do my best to embrace teachable moments and on-the-spot learning opportunities.  It can be tricky to bring the entire class back from some of these "detours," but there are ways; GoNoOdle being one of them.
If you are not familiar with GoNoOdle, it is a free site filled with brain breaks to use with your students.  There are a variety of energizing and calming activities to do with your kiddos.
GoNoOdle has become and integral part of my day, so I knew I needed to start creating more connections to it.  Since this year's focus is strongly on math, I decided to make GoNoOdle a part of our daily math meeting.  At the beginning of each day, my students and I meet to create our goal for the day; this is the total minutes we believe the entire class will/can brain break for.  
 As we complete brain breaks, we round the time to the nearest minute and record the rounded time on our total log.  The times are continuously added together creating our total for the day.
 My firsties LOVE beating their daily goals!  I LOVE connecting number sense, estimating, time reading, rounding, and addition skills into these amazing brain breaks!

Click on the pictures below to grab a copy of the goal sheet and total time poster for your class.

Do you GoNoOdle?  How do you connect GoNoOdle to learning throughout the day?  I would love to hear about your brain break experiences.

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  1. I love GoNoOdle! It's been a gift to find it late in the year to keep kids motivated through the long days. I haven't thought about connecting it yet~ I'm still pretty new to it. But I love your idea! Thanks for sharing!