Thursday, April 24, 2014

Inspired By Yoga

I have bogged about my love of yoga before, but my love is on fire again.  For some reason, I let the stress of life take over and I stopped doing things for me.  We all know what that does to us...I unfortunately let things get bad before I remembered what A) makes me happy and B) what my mind and body needs.  Thankfully, it dawned on me...I needed to get back to yoga.
I have been practicing for the last month and finally feeling better.  I love going to the yoga studio by my house because it is a great change of scenery and the yoga community there is AMAZING (like this community)!
There are definitely days when practicing from my home sounds perfect and YouTube makes that possible.  Erin Motz has this incredible channel packed with video tutorials and challenges.  Her 30 day challenge is wonderful.

I highly recommend giving yoga a try.  Whether you need to rest your mind, build some strength, or just do something for you YOGA is the perfect choice.

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