Monday, April 21, 2014

Coin you help?

**I would love to have first and second grade teachers weigh in on this topic.**

So there has been a lot of talk throughout my school and district about 1st grade CCSS in math.  Specifically, the conversations have been around money targets or lack there of.  Oregon standards always had 1-3 math standards that focused around coin values, as well as operations with coins; the CCSS do not.   Now that Oregon, and the district I work for, have completely adopted the CCSS, second grade teachers are concerned that students will be coming to them with drastic math holes.

So I ask you...what do you do as a kinder or first grade teacher to introduce or teach coins? Second grade teachers, what do you want students to know about coins before they enter your classrooms?

I have been adding coin activities to my centers throughout the year, but I have done very little direct and guided instruction around the concept.  I decided that needs to change.  I want to start incorporating more money concepts into my math messages.  The amazing Janaye, from Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes found some great videos and songs that review coins and their values.  (Be sure to check out the link).  I also purchased this amazing mini unit from Second Grade Stories:
I can't wait for my students to use these puzzles and games to continue to solidify such an important concept.
What do you do as a primary teacher to introduce such an important concept, while making time to teach EVERYTHING else?

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  1. We use EveryDay Math and I expect my first graders to leave with a solid understanding of coin value and counting coins. I introduce 'making change,' but I don't expect mastery. Kids at this age are so naturally curious about money, I think it's a great chance to teach them some real-life skills with high engaging manipulatives. *wink*
    If you don't mind a shameless plug, I have a product on TPT that directly relates.
    Coin Top It
    Great topic! Can't wait to see what others post!

    1. CaseyJane,

      EveryDay Math is our district adopted curriculum as well. Do you teach the program with fidelity?
      I appreciate your TPT plug. That looks like a great game.