Monday, March 24, 2014

Hitting the Reset Button

This past week during yoga class, we were invited to set a mental intention to hit the reset button.  With the Spring Equinox it is the perfect time to cleanse the body and start over.
The timing of this couldn't be better.  I have been swirling in a pool of stress struggling to get out.  Therefore, I am hitting reset, and I encourage each of you to do the same.
I have begun working on making time for me, and in my constant search for balance that means...well I am not sure I know what that means right now, but I intend to figure it out.

What do you do in times of stress?


  1. For me, it depends on the stress... angry stress calls for yoga, grumpy stress calls for wine and chocolate, depressed stress calls for Teen Mom (because I always feel better about my problems after watching that!), and pitt-party stress calls for ... well, a hug from Mr. Wiggling Scholars. Cheesy, but true!

    1. Hi CaseyJane,

      Thank you so much for your comment! I love your stress breakdown. I will be trying a couple of these out.