Monday, March 31, 2014

Currently - April

Yes!  Two days of blogging in a row!  Plus, I posted a new bundle of math centers tonight!!!!

This week is going to be bananas with conferences, and it being our first week back since Spring Break, but it is all good.
Currently I am...

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What are you currently up to?


  1. I love sparkly nail polish. Is it weird that I only polish my toes? My fingernails grow so fast it seems like a waste to put polish on them. Found you through Farley!

    Krazy Town

  2. :) I like polish too - OPI is my favorite. (Russian Navy is my fav right now) It's blue, but for some reason it makes me happy. :) I enjoyed reading your blog!!!

    Crayonbox Learning

  3. How many times a year do ya'll have conferences? The week after spring break is not always easy...4 more days!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  4. I watched FWBL last night too, and thought it was pretty funny! Enjoy the rest of your spring break.

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  5. I love organization and binders! I may need to stalk your blog a bit, you sound just like me! :)

    Alexis at Laugh. Eat. Learn.

  6. Jumping over from Farley's blog. Organization and Binders! That's my love language. Can't wait to see what you've come up with.

  7. This is why I LOVE Farley's Currently! I love finding new people to follow - so here I am! Your newest follower :)

    Mindful Rambles