Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you CaseyJane for this wonderful nomination!  I am so grateful to be a part of this incredible teacher community!
The rules of the Sunshine Blogger Award are:
1. Post 11 random facts about yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
3. Nominate 11 bloggers you think bring sunshine to the world
4. Make up 11 questions for your nominations to answer.

11 Random Facts about me:
1. I am left-handed.
2. I have a younger sister.
3. My favorite color is green.
4. I HATE squash.
5. I loathe scary movies.
6. I refuse to wear plain white socks.  If I can't wear sandals or ballet flats then my socks need to be snazzy.
7. I have a dream of visiting all 50 states.
8. I love Kettle Salt and Vinegar chips.
9. I have an obsession with smelly markers.
10. If I could be any fictional character, I would be Mary Poppins.
11. Once upon a time, I was a downhill ski racer.

Here are my 11 answers to CaseyJane's questions:
1.    What is your favorite holiday?   I love 4th of July, or any excuse to BBQ and be outside.
2.    If you were to name your blog something else, what would it be?  "I've Lost my Marbles" (Do you know the reference?)
3.    What is your dream “retirement job?”  My dream "retirement job" is a chef in a test kitchen.  I would love to work for Rachel Ray.
4.    What is your biggest pet-peeve?  People that lack basic manners.  For example, saying, "Excuse me" or "Pardon me."  I don't know what it is but it drives me CRAZY when people have no sense of those around them.
5.    Name the book that changed you.  The Namesake, by Jhumpa Lahiri; it made me appreciate reading again.
6.    What is the best concert you have been to?  This is so hard!  Live music is go-to.  I would have to say Lucius.  It was the most recent show I was at.  It kept me on a musical cloud for days.
7.    When and/or how did you figure it out that you wanted to be in education?  I was in my senior year of high school and already planning on attending UC Boulder, when I had a realization that I was going into the wrong field (marketing at the time).  Every job I had ever had centered around children, and each of those jobs made me happy!  I revamped my college plan, headed to Michigan State University, entered the Education College, and NEVER looked back!
8.    Are you are rule-follower or rule-breaker?  Breaker for sure!  I appreciate rules and the safety they encourage.  Unfortunately, you have to break rules to get things accomplished.
9.    Do you love or hate the cutest kitty you tube video?  I would say I am impartial to it.  I am a dog person.

10.    What was the last movie or musical you went to?  The last movie I saw in the theaters was Catching Fire, but soon to be Veronica Mars the Movie!
11.    What was your most prized possession when you were the same age as the students you teach?  My most prized possession in the late 80s was either my Baby Grows or my Magic Stand Checkout Counter.

I nominate:
1. Tailor-Made Teaching
2. Sparkling in Second
3. A Burst of First
4. Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes
5. Polka Dot Kinders
6. Seconds at the Beach
7. Journey of a Substitute Teacher
8. Teaching Tidbits and More
9. The Teacher Talk
10. The Applicious Teacher
11. Chickadee Jubilee

My 11 Questions:
1. If you could be any storybook character who would you be?
2. What is your go-to teaching tool?
3. What is your ultimate vacation spot (real or dream)?
4. What is the last movie you watched?
5. What is your favorite season?
6. What is your favorite part of summer break?
7. What is your favorite subject to teach?
8. Who or what helps bring "sunshine" to your day?
9.  How did you know that teaching was the career for you?
10. If you could have any superpower what would it be?
11. What is your most memorable teaching moment?

Thank you for all of your support and the "sunshine" that each of you bring to my day!

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  1. Marcy, I hear you on the scary movies and smelly markers! To top it off, I just finished a bag of the Kettle salt and vinegar last night!!! I love the idea of "which storybook character would you be?" So fun!