Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mo Willems - Part 2

Our love for Mo Willems continued for many weeks.  We did several culminating activities, two being Readers' Theater and letters to the author.
Readers' Theater was a hoot!  Throughout the unit, we worked diligently on expression and reading fluently.  These two skills came to life as each of my kiddos acted out several of the Piggie and Elephant books.

I can't wait to do Readers' Theater again with our Fairy Tales unit.  I am hopeful that a few more students will come out of their shells before that time.
Our final Mo project was letters to the man himself!  You should have heard them as I explained the project.  Between the clapping and joyous screams, you could hear "we really get to write to MO WILLEMS!"

Their letters were adorable!  They explained which book was their favorite, asked him some questions, and even explained that they had written their own Mo inspired stories.

Do your students have a favorite author?

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