Monday, February 10, 2014

Mo Willems Author Study - Part 1

Teaching through author studies keeps my teacher heart beating.
Here is a little background...
I use our district adopted basal, StoryTown, to pace my reading/writing strategies and phonics skills.  I then find the corresponding CCSS.  Once I have my teaching points, I choose the author we will focus on.
Throughout the month of January, we worked on expression, speech bubbles, developing characters, retells, and so much more through Mo Willems' books.

We practiced speech bubble with Piggie and Gerald.

One huge focus was on character development.  We created these anchor charts to help with describing three of Mo's characters.

One of our art projects were these adorable Piggie and Gerald hats, which we wore for our Readers' Theater performances (more to come and these).

One of my favorite activities had students practicing expression as they pleaded to Stay Up Late.

Be sure to check back for part 2 of our Mo Willems' author study.

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