Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Healthy Start

The new year is here and the hubs and I have been fighting a cold since we got back from California.  California was a wonderful break!  We got to spend time with our niece and nephews and soak in the California sun.  The only thing...I forgot how dirty the air is in the San Joaquin Valley(no offense to anyone living there, it is just not what we are used to anymore).  Being that we have lived in Oregon for almost 5 years, we have been spoiled with our tree rich air.
In hopes of kicking this cold in the butt and getting ourselves back on a healthy road, I whipped up some fast chicken soup.  It is a winter favorite and always helps to get us back on our feet.

Here is my take on an original favorite:
Heat olive oil in a large stock pot.  Add several cloves of garlic.  We LOVE garlic, so I use around 5.
Add chopped celery and carrots.  I usually use a handful of celery stalks and 3 carrots.  Allow these veggies to saute for about 4 minutes.  I also add 1/2 of a jalapeno at this time.

Pour in 2 cartons of chicken broth.  
Add half an onion and allow everything to come to a boil.
Turn down the heat, bringing the soup to a simmer.  Add meat from a rotisserie chicken.  Allow the whole mixture to simmer for 30 to 40 minutes.  Make sure to let it cool before diving in!
I love adding pastina (tiny pasta) to my chicken soup once it is done cooking.  ENJOY!!!

What is your go-to cold care?

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