Monday, December 9, 2013

Moose on the Loose - Week 1

The buzz around my classroom is at full speed!  Our moose is partially to thank for this (check out my initial post about him).
Take a look at Spike's first week in the classroom...

Spike had way too much fun sticking these stickers on
the kiddos' folders when they went to lunch.
He got in to the gingerbread cookies
after the kids did their taste test.

Staying warm on top of the heater.  
Spike enjoyed monitoring the behavior chart.

 Each day, my students document Spike's morning location.  I noticed that they were really struggling with precise language, which caused the ESL teacher in me to stop everything.  I did an impromptu language lesson on prepositions.

I have been trying ridiculously hard to catch the learning attention of my boys.  These Ninja Turtle stickers were one of my little ways of doing so.  They loved them!  I love the fact that they are now referencing this anchor chart in their Moose on the Loose Journals.

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  1. Marcy, This is so stinking adorable and I love that it's something that could last longer than the holidays! Hey, I have a linky for your favorite 5 ornaments with a giveaway! Hope you join!

  2. Marcy,
    I had to start following your blog to see what your Moose is up to! I love how you supported your ELs with the preposition chart (and the sticker- what a great way to add engagement). I've noticed a few of mine also struggling with finding the right words. I may have to try this next week!

    Tales of a Teacher