Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Interactive Anchor Chart - Take 2

Ever since Leigh (The Applicious Teacher) blogged about Interactive Anchor Chart, my whole group lessons and resource building have taken a turn for the best.  Apparently, my students love these tools so much they ask to create their own during Pickle Time.

It could just be that they get to use chart paper, sticky notes, and smelly markers, but I love how they work together and enjoy showcasing their learning!  I am one proud teacher!

Have you ever used Interactive Anchor Charts in your classroom?

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  1. Yes, all the time! My students use post-its a lot and I was fortunate to be able to add them to our supply list! I also make my anchor charts with my kiddos, like you. It seems pretty boring to make an anchor chart my kids have no connections to. A lot of the time I'll put their ideas on the white board, snap a photo, then make a fancy chart to hang up to reinforce the skill/ lesson. I have the WORST handwriting when I'm sitting near my easel making anchor charts, so it's nice to spend an evening to pretty-up our class charts.

    1. I love your idea of brainstorming together and then organizing it for the kids! I have to add super sticky post-its to next year's supply list. Now that I am using them ALL the time I am afraid my stash is going to disappear.