Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What's Your Schedule?

It is amazing how much my schedule has changed from state to state, and grade to grade.  Last year, our district tried to implement an early start, but due to all of our other demands, it was turned down by the teachers' association.  We are still working with a 5 day, 8-4 schedule.  Here is what my day-to-day looks like.

I meet with my first reading group during morning work and the rest during literacy centers.  I am fortunate to have a duty-free lunch, but teachers share morning duties and after school bus supervision.  My Wednesday specials time is a hour long because the entire grade level is together for Rhythms (PE Music combo).  I also meet with my team once a week for planning.  

Is your schedule anything like mine?

I am linking up my schedule with Thank God It's First Grade.  It is amazing how different everyone's day-to-day is.  Check it out...

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