Monday, November 4, 2013

Math Monday - Connect4 Make10

This year, I began incorporating math centers into my daily math routine (previous post).  I have had so much success with them and it seems to have become my students' favorite part of the day.  I have been wanting to incorporate some different forms of fact practice and thought this idea would be the perfect fit:
Connect4 Making10
I was able to find Connect4 on sale at Target, so I picked up 2, and got to work!

The game came with 2 bags of discs, but I only needed 1 for the math game.  I wrote the numbers 1-4, and one 5 per color, on the discs.
The object of the game is to get 4 in a row and create a sum of 10.  You can definitely create variations of the game, but I wanted to make it challenging for my high fliers.
 No win here because there are only 3 red discs in a row, even though the sum is 10.
 The yellow discs won by creating a sum of 10 with 4 in a row!

I decided to use the other bag of discs to create a collaborative word work game.
 For this variation, students use their discs to create as many words as they can together.  When no more discs are left, students count up how many words they were able to create together.
You can see 3 words in this game already: hat, best, and web.

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  1. That is pretty clever using a connect four game as a math game. Love it!


  2. Thanks, Jamie! My kiddos loved it!


  3. LOVE it! Now I just have to find a Connect Four game!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

    1. Thanks, Jenny! It is on sale at Target right now.