Monday, October 14, 2013

Math Monday

This year, I have stepped away from my traditional whole group math lessons and started focusing on small group math instruction.  I still teach whole group, but that time is to introduce math concepts and skills, while the small groups really allow me to meet needs (just list reading groups).
After our math meeting, introduction to our week or day, we do a whole group activity and then break into math centers.  Math Centers are categorized by each of the CCSS math strands.  Check out our Math Center labels and checklist.

Each week's centers focus on each of the strands.  This week my kiddos are working on the following centers:
Making 10s

10 Frame Pumpkin Math (the template and cards can be found in my TPT store)

Pattern Block Numbers


Candy Corn Numbers
While my kiddos are working on centers, I am reinforcing tallies, group counting (counting by 5s), units, and telling time to the hour, this week.

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