Saturday, October 19, 2013

Main Idea and Details Craftivity

I don't know about you, but teaching, and knowing that students fully understand, main idea and details is difficult.  This year, I decided to take a step back and determine how I could reach multiple learning styles...enter...Main Idea Craftivity!

As a whole group we discussed and charted the difference between main ideas and details.  I read several excerpts from nonfiction bat books and had students pair-share as to whether examples I read were main ideas or details.  After visual and oral practice it was on to the craftivity.
 The visual representation and the kinesthetic construction allowed students to thoughtfully differentiate between a main idea and a detail.

I have continued to use this same format with the recording sheet that is included in the pack.  I am so impressed with the fabulous work my students continue to produce.

You can click on any of the pictures to head over to my TPT store and grab this product.  

How do you teach main idea and details?


  1. Cute craftivity, Marcy!
    Main idea and details is such a hard concept for kids to grasp onto! I introduce the concept with writing. I have found having my kids write their own main idea and detail helps them better understand the concept when they find it in mentor texts. I also use passages from because they have passages specifically designed for finding main idea and detail. I can say that main idea and detail is the CCSS that I review and work on the most!!

    Seconds at the Beach

    1. Thank you for sharing, Elizabeth! I am going to have to check out Like you, I revisit main idea and detail throughout the year.


    2. It's free and you will LOVE it! You can enter a standard and reading level and passages will pop-up. It's great for guided reading!