Sunday, October 27, 2013


This week marked 2 months with my first graders!  I can't believe how much growth I have already seen, and am so excited to share it with their families.  This week is conference week, one of the longest weeks EVER!  Between prepping materials for conferences, mental preparations, and plans for the week I am pooped already.
For each conference, I make sure to have multiple examples of student work, copies of assessments, a goal setting sheet, any papers that I still haven't gotten parents to fill out, and examples of what's to come.
On top of that, I prep strategy bags for each family to take home.  I think of these as my "No Excuses" bags for parents to work with their children.
Here is what's inside this year's bags:
Each family will take home one of these bags with a witch finger, for tracking words, and a reading strategy book mark.

Here are some of the resources: My First Grade Helper, How To Help Your Child Succeed, Sight Words, In the Car activities.
You can find most of these resources at the links provided, just click on the resource name.

What do you do to get ready for conferences?


  1. I love the "no excuses" activities! I have PTCs this week, hopefully I can get some baggies in place. Love the idea! Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Jen! I have found them to be a helpful resource for my families. I have the car activity page translated into spanish. Let me know if you need it.