Monday, October 7, 2013


Last fall, I was granted the use of an iPad for district research.  I was very excited for the learning that was about to take place with its use, but overwhelmed at them same time.  I decided to search on Pinterest for app recommendations.  Pinterest never fails, which is how I learned about ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is an interactive behavior tracking system.  It allows you to track and monitor student's individual behaviors as well as the whole class.

Once you add your class or classes to the site you are good to go.  I have found that starting each day's attendance on the website and then tracking through the app allows for the greatest usability.  I love the ability to apply my custom points to one, several, or all students.  An even better function is the random button.  This function helps you to switch up your participants and tracking (think of it as pulling sticks).

ClassDojo not only allows you to review the behaviors collected, but you can also share the data with parents and students.

Do you use ClassDojo?


  1. I had good results from that site too for a while. If we were in transition, all I had to do was pull it up on the Smartboard and it was like magic-everyone was suddenly doing what they were supposed to be doing! :)

    1. Oh how I wish I had a SMART board. How do kiddos respond to seeing one another's points?


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