Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Helping Hands

Last year, I did the whole classroom job chart with the sticks and something like 22 jobs.  It worked for a few weeks, but then it just became a hassle.  I had 34 students, which didn't allow for every student to have a job each week, and I consistently forgot to switch the sticks on Friday afternoon.  It  became tricky remembering who had had which job as well.  I knew I needed a new system.  Don't get me wrong, this system works for some people, and I am super organized, but it just didn't cut it.
During one of my pinning parties, I came across the perfect solution, Helping Hands.
The pin came from Ashleigh's Education Journey.  (It was so nice to find a pin that went to its original source.)  Instead of having a job board or chart, the "helping hands" complete all the jobs for the day.  Each day, you flip the hands for your next helpers.  This seems like the perfect alternative to last year's job chart.
My student teacher had each student stamp their hand print for the project.  Once they dried, I got to use my new laminator to seal them up.

They are hung and ready for use!

What kind of job chart do you use?

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