Thursday, August 15, 2013

What I Am Loving Thursday

This week has been crazy busy, but FABULOUS at the same time!  I am having a blast with the incoming kinders, they are so excited to be at school.  I must be feeding off of their excitement, because I am pumped (yes, "pumped") for a great year.
Even though my mind is getting into school-mode, I am holding on to bits of my summer.
I am loving these remaining pieces of summer...
Lavender picking- an annual adventure with my sister.
Tomatoes from my 1st garden!
Dalias- my favorite!
Rocking in Central Oregon!  We seriously dug for rocks.  It was a neat way to spend a day outdoors.
My two newest loves have to be...
Best sparkling water ever! 
This picture is perfection!  I want to get it for my house and my classroom!
What are you still loving about summer?


  1. What an awesome way to start the year, especially in Kinder! Can't wait to get in my class to decorate next week!

    1. Michelle,

      It has definitely been fun, but I am looking forward to meeting my first graders in a couple of weeks. Have a blast getting your classroom set up; I hope you post pictures!