Friday, August 2, 2013

Show Us Your: Tech Tips (Five for Friday edition)

Today's Five for Friday is double the fun with two link-ups and back to school technology ideas.

I am a one iPad classroom, but I have not let that stop me.  I have learned that placing the iPad under my ELMO allows for it to be used whole class (I seriously need an Apple TV setup).  I have 5 favorite apps that I use constantly.

1. Class Dojo - This app is a fabulous classroom management tool.  It allows you to track positive and negative behaviors for whole class and individuals.  The greatest part is that the behaviors are stored and can be shared with parents or used for student support data.  One thing, I have learned is that you have to sign into the webpage to monitor attendance, but the app is useful for on-the-go tracking.

2. GoodNotes - I love the versatility of this app.  I use it for my CCSS checklists, student notes and conferencing, reading articles and adding notes, and so much more.  The free edition allows you to have a small number of notebooks.  Yet, the $5.99 I spent on the full edition was well worth it!  I HIGHLY recommend this app.

3. Endless ABC - My students cannot get enough of this app.  It supports: vocabulary, sounds, spelling, and letter-sound correspondence; plus it has the cutest monsters.  Even better is the fact that it is free and updated with new words all the time.

4. Sushi Monster - This is a fun game for practicing addition and multiplication apps.  I love using this app whole group.  I allow students to work with their table groups to determine which sushi (facts) the monster needs to be fed. 

5. Common Core - MasteryConnect did a great job constructing this app.  I use it daily for TPT creations, lesson planning, and research.  It has a simple search feature, and contains all of the appendices from the CCSS document.

I would love to hear about apps that you use with your students.


  1. I'm definitely going to have to check out these apps! I also have only one ipad for the class, but we make it work!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

    1. Hi Sally,

      We have to make it work, right? Please let me know if you use any of these apps or find some others that you could share. Thank you so much for stopping by.