Sunday, August 4, 2013

Morning Craziness

I love establishing routines with my students, at the beginning of the year.  Taking the time to set expectations is well worth it.  I love that moment when my kiddos can walk a new student through our classroom routines, without a peep from me.
One routine I establish is the Backpack Tub.  I saw this in one of my colleague's classrooms last year, and knew it would help organize my morning routine.  I place this tub on the book case right next to my classroom door.  As students hang up their backpacks and unpack their gear, they can drop off notes, art work, signed papers, homework folders, and anything else they have for me.  I love that I can start my day without misplacing anything important (hopefully).  Once my students get going on their morning work, I take attendance and sift through the backpack tub.
Click here to grab your backpack tub label.

What is something you do to make your mornings run as smooth as they can?


  1. Hi Marcy! I love the idea of a backpack tub.. this might save a lot of papers flying in the morning!

    If you're still willing to link up with your blogging tips, my post is up! Thanks!
    Fifth Grade Ramblings.

    Blogging 101.

  2. Hi Kristin,

    I hope that you can use the Backpack Tub this year. It helped me so much last year.
    Thank you for reposting your linky!