Friday, July 12, 2013

It finally feels like summer

I am loving every bit of today.  For some reason, it has taken until today for it to feel like summer vacation for me.  With a successful week of summer school behind me, I am thrilled for a weekend with my husband.  We haven't haven't had a weekend together is almost a month, so a date night is in order.
Even though the Five for Friday linky isn't happening, I decided to stick with the framework for today's post, of my 5 favorites from the week.

1. My new apple necklace!  Thank you Bridget for the adorable necklace.  I plan on rockin' it a ton!  Bridget has a new blog you should check out, Hardcore Teacher Resources.

2. Target Dollar Spot cards - Target really knows how to make a teacher's heart skip a beat.  I can't wait to use these wipe-off cards during centers.  My kiddos seems to love anything that they can use over and over.

3. Old Navy Raglan Tees - Hello comfort!  I love picking out my clothes on a daily basis.  I believe that what I wear is a reflection of my mood and attitude on the day.  My husband was in need of some new shorts, so ultimately if he goes shopping, so do I.  I stumbled across these new tees at Old Navy and instantly feel in love.  They are comfortable, classic, and perfect for work and play.  I got them in every color ;)

4. My garden has exploded.  I planted my first garden and am loving the adventure of it.  I have learned that lettuce from my backyard is the greatest thing on the planet, and that tomato plants grow into monstrosities.  I have acquired so much information and am eager to plan out next year's set up already.

5. My sister sent me a postcard from Alaska!  So if you don't know this about me, I have a minor love for moose; by minor I mean major.  They are such incredible animals.  My sister has been in moose country for a month now, working at a cannery.  I know that she is having the time of her life, but I miss her like crazy and am ready for her to come home.

Happy Friday!

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