Sunday, July 14, 2013

First Sunday Smorgasbord

Today, I am linking up with Michelle, from Fabulous in First, for my first Sunday Smorgasbord.

This weekend was packed with oodles of fun.  The hubs and I had our first weekend together in a month, so a date-night-we-went.  Sushi and putt-putt made for a wonderful Friday night.

Saturday continued as a day packed with sleeping in (so necessary), hobbies, yummy food, and a street fair.  Summers in Portland are great for street fairs and delicious food.  We headed over to Mississippi Street for their annual street fair.  A trip to Mississippi Street isn't complete without Little Big Burger!

Today, was spent basking in the sun and hiking with the dog.  We decided to explore a new trail at Eagle Fern Park, which allowed the pooch to swim until his heart's content.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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