Wednesday, July 24, 2013

10 Things I've Learned From Teaching

I am linking up today with Miss Kindergarten, for 10 Things I've Learned From Teaching.  I have to say narrowing down what I have learned to 10 items was very difficult, I have a feeling I will be posting about this topic again.

1. Make time for your self!  I struggle with this one every year, but it is the most important.
2. Always keep an open-mind.  We all have expectations for our students and families, but we can only control what happens in our classrooms. 
3. Remember to remain professional.  It can be very easy to participate in the gossip circus, but staying out of it makes you a stronger individual.
4. Find a buddy.  Having someone to bounce ideas off of, plan with, or eat lunch with is important.  Adults need adult conversation, right? (Keep in mind number 3)
5. Laugh!  Remember to enjoy the silly moments.  The silly memories help when times become stressful.
6.  Flexibility is your friend.  Your day could change at any moment, let go of the control and go with the flow.  You can still stick to your plans, just in a modified means.
7. It is okay to say, "No."  I am still learning how to do this, but it is imperative to know when you have taken on too much.  
8. Participate in at least one physical activity.  Teaching is mentally draining, having a release is a necessity.  I highly recommend yoga, as it addresses metal and physical release.
9. Kids eat pencils!  Seriously, this is no joke!  Each time you replenish the pencils they magically end up demolished or no where to be found.  Invest in pencil stock!
10. Save the drawings and notes, from students, in a big envelope, and save them for a BLAH! day.  You never know when you might need a little cheering up.  I turn mine into a class book at the end of each school year.

What is the number 1 thing you have learned as a teacher?


  1. I still struggle with saying no! I'm glad that I'm starting at a new school this year, so I can begin again. I've only signed up for one thing at my new school. I'm stoppping at 4 committees or after school things. :)

    1. Christina,

      I totally understand. I took a small step back last year, dropped one committee. :)