Monday, June 17, 2013

How Pinterest Has Made Me a Better Teacher

Like many of you, this past year, I experienced a teaching shake-up.  I was laid-off and recalled to a position I had not taught before.  Although I have several years of classroom experience, it was all at the intermediate level, making the thought of teaching 1st grade daunting.  With only a few days before the start of the school year, I knew I needed to learn how to organize a primary classroom FAST!

My sister introduced me to Pinterest the previous spring, as a visual learner this site became my haven for DIYs and decor ideas.  The most powerful pins I have found are definitely those aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  With 45 states having adopted the CCSS, I am intrigued by the ability to share ideas nationally.  Having taught in 3 states,  I love that I can now share ideas that former colleagues can use.

It wasn't until I started playing around with the search feature that I came across a multitude of classroom resources.  The search feature allowed me to explore first grade ideas, without getting overwhelmed with everything else.  I loved the ability to glimpse inside other teachers' classrooms, while building a bank of ideas.  I can't wait to take the spastic pinning I did this year, to survive my first year in 1st grade, and "Rock the Socks" off of this coming year's classroom and teaching!

Throughout my use of Pinterest I have learned the following:

  • make sure the pin is active BEFORE pinning it to your boards
  • double check that you have "Permission to Pin" ideas that you find on blogs and websites
  • organize your boards to make reviewing ideas simple

  • monitor your time (Do you get sucked in like me?)
Happy Pinning!

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  1. I'm telling you Marcy, pintrest and blogging has made me a better teacher too! There are so many cute & amazing ideas, I can't keep up! And now having to post about them...that makes you rethink how you teach lessons ;) BUT it's all good because it has definitely made me a better, more fun, more creative teacher! Welcome to the club!